International Schools of Kenana | American Division - Fanatica Garage Sale

The students at International Schools of Kenana are holding its Fanatica Garage Sale at the American Division. The event is held to promote among students concepts like clearing their clutter, organizing their lives and thinking of simple ways to manage small business sales. In order to achieve the maximum out of the event, ISK American Division students must abide by the following rules:

– Label Items with prices
– Have change ready with them
– Wrap breakable items well with bubble wrap or foam
Preferably, fix prices at (5, 15, 20…etc)
– No food, drinks, slime, scary masks, sharp objects and Pets
– Items that could be displayed are old books, old toys, clothes, accessories, bags, stationery (pencils, pens, notebooks…etc. (Make sure all the items you bring are in good condition)
– Having a head cap and water bottles during the garage sale is a must

And wait for other surprises at the garage sale

N.B: This Event is for students and School Staff ONLY

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